Webinar: Rights for Time Webinar: Migration and Time

On July 14th 2021 we presented our first webinar in a bimonthly series. PhD researcher Paladia Ziss delivers a presentation on her working paper Refugee Times as Exceptional Times: Time, Forced Displacement and the State. About Paladia Ziss Paladia is pursuing her PhD in Social Policy/Sociology at the University of Birmingham. She looks at how the politics of time shape refugee-host relations in communities in Turkey and Germany. Before returning to academia, she worked in development and humanitarian assistance in Turkey, Palestine and Germany for several years. She holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, and a BSc in Human Sciences from University College London.

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Webinar: Online Global Challenges Research Webinar

Last April, we supported several University of Birmingham PhD students in their delivery of a webinar that covered challenges to global research during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how such challenges could be overcome. The webinar was recorded, and we strongly recommend watching it back below!

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Podcast: WanguR4T – 12:3:19, 9.14 PM

The problem of sexual assault requires a social shift and not a targeted intervention, Rights4Time partner, founder of the Wangu Kanja Foundation and convener of the Survivors of Sexual Violence Network in Kenya, Wangu Kanja explains in our fourth podcast. She explains how her case study is using data colleted from a Mobile App to change how NGOs, government, and humanitarian policy understands appropriate action around sexual violence.

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