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Breathing life into the research efforts from Rights For Time

Welcome to the “Living Archive,” a vibrant and dynamic section of our website designed to breathe life into the research efforts of the RightsforTime research network. Our aim is to create an evolving digital space that captures, preserves, and showcases the intricate tapestry of work our network undertakes. Here, we bring together our groundbreaking research on the profound connections between time, violence, and protection from across diverse fields and geographical locations.

Breathing life into the <span>research</span> efforts from Rights For Time

The Living Archive serves to illuminate the global scale and multifaceted nature of our research endeavors, encompassing a vast range of subjects from the effects of displacement on marginalized communities, trauma and its temporal dimensions, to the erasure and reclaiming of cultural memory and heritage.

In addition, the Living Archive underscores the richness of methodologies employed in our research, including artistic expressions, empirical investigations, theoretical explorations, and policy-oriented studies, all centered around time’s transformative role in humanitarian protection.

The Living Archive is a testament to our network’s commitment to fostering understanding, dialogue, and policy change. It’s a space that not only records our achievements but also actively contributes to the ongoing discourse, allowing researchers, practitioners, and the general public to interact with our work and its crucial implications for society.

By providing real-time access to our comprehensive and evolving body of work, we hope to foster broader conversations, inspire new research directions, and ignite a continuous spark of innovation and understanding. We invite you to explore, engage with, and be part of this journey through time, space, and society as seen through the lens of the RightsforTime research network.

Papers & Books

Welcome to our “Books and Papers” section. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of academic contributions that reflect the diverse, global, and interdisciplinary nature of the RightsforTime network. These works delve into vital topics such as gender-based violence, refugee crises, and international human rights, among others. From in-depth regional studies to broader network-wide outputs, these publications collectively form a rich knowledge hub aimed at fostering understanding and inspiring action. Explore and engage with our wealth of research in your own time.

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Art & Creative

Welcome to our “Arts and Creative” section. In this rich, dynamic space, you’ll discover the power of creativity and artistic expression as a means of conveying the complex narratives and experiences we encounter in our work. Through evocative photography and diverse multimedia art, we offer unique, transformative perspectives on issues like human rights, gender-based violence, and refugee experiences. Engage with this inspiring blend of art and academia and let it stir your understanding and imagination

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Policy Briefs

Explore our “Policy Briefs” section where you will find succinct, impactful narratives designed to inform policy and decision-making processes. These briefs distil complex issues into clear, actionable insights, focusing on urgent humanitarian topics. By merging academic rigour with real-world relevance, these documents aim to drive impactful change at the policy level. Dive in and witness how our research translates into tangible societal impact.

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Discover our “Talks” section, which offers a rich collection of insightful presentations and academic conference contributions made by our network members. Here, you will find first-hand accounts of our researchers’ experiences, explorations of innovative methodologies, and in-depth examinations of crucial humanitarian issues. With content ranging from discussions on global urban futures to sensitive research during COVID-19, this space is a testament to our network’s active engagement in crucial academic and policy discourses. Embark on this intellectual journey with us.

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Engagement Activities

Navigate to our “Engagement Activities” section to view the powerful impact our network’s work has beyond academia. Here you’ll find a variety of media and public interactions, including thought-provoking newspaper articles authored by our network members. From discussions on UK research funding to reflections on the repercussions of sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers, this page showcases our active engagement in fostering dialogue on human rights issues globally. Dive in and explore how we strive to make a difference in the world.

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Discover insightful conversations about humanitarian protection in our “Podcasts” section. This page features engaging audio content, including discussions with our network members and partners about their unique work. By tuning in, you can gain a deeper understanding of our collective quest for human rights and our unwavering commitment to create a safer world. So put on your headphones and let these stories enrich your perspective.

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Digital Mentoring Sessions

The “Digital Mentoring Sessions” section is a gateway to gaining comprehensive insights into our network’s conceptual underpinnings and ways of working. These presentations and conversations illustrate how we commission and conduct research, emphasising best practices for investigating humanitarian protection issues. Whether you are a member or an observer, these sessions offer valuable knowledge that can enhance your understanding of our work and the rigour that underpins it. This is the place to access a wealth of expert advice and direction on a range of topics related to humanitarian protection research and the functioning of the R4T network.

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The “Newsletters” section provides a chronological glimpse into the evolution of our research. From recent discoveries to the progression of ongoing projects, these updates cover all aspects of our work over the past years. They serve as an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding the breadth and depth of our work in humanitarian protection. Delve into our past editions to learn about our journey, achievements, and the impact we are making in the field.

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