Where We Work

What We Do

Proof of Concept Case Studies

Trauma & Time (Gaza City)

A mental health programme designed for ongoing contexts of harm in Gaza city

Language & Time (Jordan)

An exploration of the literary concept of the ‘refugee’ and its many meanings in Jordan

Policy & Time (Lebanon)

A review of policy in Lebanon as an archive of crisis response

Managing Time (Kenya)

A study of how to collect better evidence in Kenya to support survivors of sexual violence

Surfacing Time (Rwanda)

A photography workshop & exhibition with a historically marginalised community in rural Rwanda

Commissioned Projects

Learning from Gaza (Palestine)

Mental Health paradigms from the Grass Roots

Etched in Memory (Iraq)

Untold Stories of Mandaean’s Past and Present Life in Iraq

Going Back through Memory Lane (Cameroon)

Documenting Women and Children’s Experiences in Cameroon’s Inter-Territorial Conflicts

Burning Time (Palestine)

The Impact of Trauma and Waiting on Palestinians Across Generations

When They Sung at Me, I Sang Back (Rwanda)

Visual Art Representations of Indigenous Songs

Children Born of War (Uganda)

Film-in-Participatory Action Learning (F-PAL) for the Integration of Children Born of War (CBOW) in Northern Uganda

Where did Home Go? (Palestine)

Exploring Displacement, Identity, and Resilience
Among Palestinian Youth in Jerusalem

Ethical Story Telling and Photography Fellowship 2023 (Kenya)

Empowering Trafficking Survivors through
Visual Arts and Storytelling

Erasure of Memory (Jordan)

Artistic Explorations of Displacement and Lost
Narratives in Jordan’s Urban Evolution

Youth Time Against Trauma (YTaT) (Pakistan)

Community awareness on impact and prevention of intergenerational trauma

Pillars of Rectitude (Uganda)

Rediscovering East African Women Artists Amidst
Patriarchy, Colonialism, and Political Turmoil

Affiliated Research

Researching integration and trauma in displaced Ukrainians for policy support

Project Partners