The project seeks to address difficult questions surrounding the acceptability and livelihoods of Children born of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (CRSV). By utilizing a film co-produced by 15 CBOW, academic, and creative partners, the project aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of CBOW’s experiences, contribute to community and policy actions addressing the integration needs of CBOW in target communities, and promote active community learning through academic- creative partnerships. The project incorporates the screening of the film, “The Wound is where Light Enters,”; within its qualitative methodology as a mobilization and sensitization tool to influence and transform perceptions and practices within communities, ultimately improving the well-being of CBOW and their families. The project’s first phase will establish a baseline regarding issues such as stigma and discrimination experienced by CBOW using PAL. The second phase will involve community screenings of the film, while the final phase will explore the effects of the screened film on experiences of stigma and discrimination related to CBOW.