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Discover our “Talks” section, which offers a rich collection of insightful presentations and academic conference contributions made by our network members. Here, you will find first-hand accounts of our researchers’ experiences, explorations of innovative methodologies, and in-depth examinations of crucial humanitarian issues. With content ranging from discussions on global urban futures to sensitive research during COVID-19, this space is a testament to our network’s active engagement in crucial academic and policy discourses. Embark on this intellectual journey with us.


Stevens L. M. (2021). Investigative Interview Training in Kenya during COVID-19. Invited talk, Online Global Challenges Research Webinar (Panellist

Rockowitz, S. (2021). Zoom is my new best friend: conducting sensitive research during COVID-19. Online Global Challenges Research Webinar, University of Birmingham, UK. (Webinar Chair and Panellist)

Rockowitz, S. (2021). Exploring post-rape medicolegal service provision in East Africa. Invited talk, Risk, Abuse, and Violence seminar, School of Nursing, University of Birmingham, UK

Rockowitz, S. (2021). Patterns of sexual and other forms of violence during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya. APA Conference (online).

Talks UKRI (2020). Innovating pathways for safe and sustainable urban futures. Invited speaker. H. Flowe. World Urban Forum, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Flowe, H. D. (2020). Patterns of sexual violence during Covid-19 in Kenya. (2020). Invited talk, Institute for Global Innovation. Living with the Pandemic

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Rockowitz, S. (2020). Prevalence of sexual and other forms of violence during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya. Invited talk, Forensic Seminar Series, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK

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R Dajani Panel discussion future of Social enteprurneurship in MENA Impact week Aug 1, 2023

R Dajani Memories in our DNA Sci Foo Google X Mountain View California July 15, 2023

R Dajani Science in the Arab World: a new yet ancient framework for a better more inclusive science for the future of humanity. Summer course Science, faith and hope for the future, Faraday institute Cambridge University July 3, 2023 UK

R Dajani Global Shapers leadership panel WEF June 27-29, 2023 Tainjing China

R Dajani Mental health and religion panel SNF mental health conference June 22-24, 2023 Athens, Greece

R Dajani Harnessing the power of Science and Technology in the service of Islam the Grand Hajj Symposium Jeddah, Saudi Arabia June 20, 2023

R Dajani Leadership workshop: Mobilizing Stakeholders Global shapers Annual Summit June 17, 2023 Geneva, Switzerland

R Dajani Intergenerational MENA Global shapers Annual Summit June 16, 2023, Geneva, Switzerland

R Dajani Panel Global recognition of the Social and Solidarity Economy Schwab foundation 25 anniversary June 16, 2023 Geneva, Switzerland

R Dajani the immortal kiss of our grandparents: A paradigm shift in perception of trauma rooted inevolutionary biology Panel V: intergenerational Trauma after Violence: remebernace, reconciliation and resilience EUMePo Budaapest conference Budapest, Hungary June 15, 2023

R Dajani Shifting narratives of the Global South Panel Social and Solidarity Economy Schwab foundation 25 anniversary June 14, 2023 Geneva, Switzerland

R Dajani Innovative tools for evolution education symposium Evolution 2023 June 3, 2023

R Dajani IP economists panel – African and Arab regions Seminar Series on the Intellectual Property Gender Gap, May 31, 2023

R Dajani SEWF Policy Forum- Building social enterprise ecosystems May 24, 2023

R Dajani Displacement and Health Research Center University of California San Diego may 19, 2023

R Dajani The intersection of social justice, inequality, polarization and human rights: evolving definitions and inadequate metrics Robert Bosch regional forum May 16, 2023

R Dajani Are we entering a Bio-cognitive age? Governing the biological revolution Robert Bosch regional forum May 16, 2023

R Dajani panel Book Launch: Islam and Sceince: past present and future debates AUS May 10, 2023

R Dajani Highlights from Jordan social entrepreneurs ecosystem Catalyzing Change Week May 5, 2023

R Dajani Social justice Index Catalyzing Change Week May 4, 2023

R Dajani Transforming Education Catalyzing Change Week May 4 2023

R Dajani Social entrepreneurship from a cultural sense Catalyzing Change Week May 4, 2023

R Dajani Global Minds University Catalyzing Change Week May 3, 2023

R Dajani Long lasting effect of empowering underprivileged communities through reading