A global network of academics and practitioners, Rights for Time aims to shift the discourse and practice of humanitarian protection by exploring how time conditions war, displacement, and violence

News & Updates

Webinar: Rights for Time Webinar: Migration and Time

On July 14th 2021 we presented our first webinar in a bimonthly series. PhD researcher Paladia Ziss delivers a presentation on her working paper Refugee Times as Exceptional Times: Time, Forced Displacement and the State. About Paladia Ziss Paladia is pursuing her PhD in Social Policy/Sociology at the University of...

Webinar: Online Global Challenges Research Webinar

Last April, we supported several University of Birmingham PhD students in their delivery of a webinar that covered challenges to global research during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how such challenges could be overcome. The webinar was recorded, and we strongly recommend watching it back below!

Podcast: Interview with Rights for Time Investigator Professor Rana Dajani

Professor Dajani introduces the We Love Reading program, which works in more than 50+ counties for individuals and communities to realize their potential and become change makers. She discusses her Rights for Time research on the role of language in shaping refugees’ experiences, memories, and hope, and how it is...

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The Story of Time

The invisible injuries of memory and trauma are often consigned to the role of extra or collateral abuse and atrocity. The extent to which the deep times of injury hinder protection, and reproduce harm, are not well understood. Rights for Time works covers this gap by reframing the story of time in relation to critical categories, including those of policy, language, and humanitarian practice. 


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We aim to produce a sea-change by providing a new knowledge and evidence base that will allow local, national and international policy models to respond more effectively, deeply, and enduringly to the deep times of conflict. To that end, we are funding creative and impactful projects which take time as a serious lens for intervention. Click below for details on how to apply and join the network.


Our Results

Over the last two years, we have worked with partners in Kenya, Rwanda, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon on case studies which tackle time from unique perspectives. Our results, which include seminars, research papers, and policy reports, among other outputs, may be found here. We will regularly publish results from our current funding call throughout 2023.

Rights 4 Time Research Funding

The Rights 4 Time network currently funds research through grants of up to 25,000 pounds in the Global South. Our funding stems from our interest in illuminating the complex time frames of violence and trauma, in an effort to re-think current approaches to ‘protection’. Too often humanitarian interventions are time-limited or understand a problem in terms that are too narrow to have lasting impact. Working with community stakeholders, NGOs, universities and government, we hope to encourage partners to consider the role of time in their work and expand their frames of reference.

So far, the network has convened the following case studies:

Hiding Time (Jordan)

An exploration of the literary concept of the ‘refugee’ and its many meanings in Jordan

Managing Time (Kenya)

A study of how to collect better evidence in Kenya to support survivors of sexual violence

Surfacing time (Rwanda)

A photography workshop & exhibition with a historically marginalised community in rural Rwanda

We are currently in the process of funding ten projects in the ODA context. The projects will generate a better understanding of time, harm and humanitarian protection – in short, how we can promote and ensure the rights of people in challenging situations. 

Project Partners

Wangu Kanja Foundation
Wangu Kanja Foundation
AIMPO - African Initiative For Manking Progress Organization
AIMPO - African Initiative For Manking Progress Organization
Ayjal Foundation
Ayjal Foundation
Palestine Trauma Centre
Palestine Trauma Centre
Palestine Cinema
Palestine Cinema
The Centre for Lebanese Studies
The Centre for Lebanese Studies