Where did Home Go? (Palestine)

Exploring Displacement, Identity, and Resilience Among Palestinian Youth in Jerusalem


The research, “Where did home go?” investigates the significant impact of the Palestine crisis, which stems from Israeli Occupation, internal Palestinian conflicts, and ongoing state of emergency, on Palestinian children and youth. Approximately half the population, predominantly from Jerusalem, face potential home loss and identity erosion due to increasing violations and detentions by Israeli forces. Since 2015, over 9,000 Palestinian children have been detained, with about 180 currently undergoing in-custody torture. Israeli policies like house arrest and settlement expansions, compounded with threats of displacement, housing demolitions, school attacks, and increased child detentions, aggravate trauma and endanger the safety and identity of Jerusalem’s youth. In response, the Tamer Institute proposes the creation of safe, creative learning spaces for Jerusalem's youth who have lived under house arrest. The project involves creative writing workshops and book discussions to foster self-expression, skills development, and empowerment. An experienced writer leads the workshops, promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and reflection on the concept of “home”. The project’s outcome includes a booklet showcasing the youths; writing and a video of their experiences, aiming to amplify their voices. The initiative ultimately strives to bolster the well- being and educational advancement of Palestinian youth who have experienced house arrest in Jerusalem.