Burning Time (Palestine)

The Impact of Trauma and Waiting on Palestinians Across Generations


The ‘’Burning Time’’ project aims to investigate the experiences of Palestinian individuals across different generations and locations, with a particular focus on trauma, recovery, waiting, and the concept of time. It targets various groups affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including children impacted by war, prisoners, former prisoners, families of the missing, and professionals in the fields of rights, documentation, and emergency assistance in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The project comprises two main components: interviews and workshops. The interviews aim to provide a platform for traumatized individuals to share their stories and promote connection and understanding among Palestinians who have experienced trauma. The workshops focus on psychological discharge through writing, allowing participants to express their emotions and experiences creatively. These literary writings will be published as part of a book series called “Burning Time,” supported by the Palestine Writing Society.

Led by writers Maya Abu Al-Hayat and Dalia Taha, who specialize in literary writing and creative writing training for individuals with traumatic experiences, the project seeks to contribute to literature and psychological treatment through writing. By exploring the impact of trauma and loss on individuals and society, the project aims to facilitate reflection, analysis, and potential pathways to healing and personal growth.

The project recognizes the long-standing suffering endured by Palestinians and acknowledges the collective memory of pain ingrained in their lives. It strives to initiate a societal discussion about the realities faced by Palestinians and the enduring trauma across generations. By approaching the subject without exaggeration, embellishment, or narrow political agendas, the project seeks to initiate a societal discussion about the realities faced by Palestinians and the generations living under the weight of trauma and pain.

Burning Time - Literary Writings

The Palestine Writing Workshop developed a work of Young Adult nonfiction via workshops for children and adults in protracted trauma. Poems and short stories depict how loss creates perception. The work is called *The Moment that changed my life*