Erasure of Memory (Jordan)

Artistic Explorations of Displacement and Lost Narratives in Jordan's Urban Evolution


The arts commission, “Time and Trauma, Erasure of Memory”; delves into Jordan’s intricate history as a sanctuary for diverse communities that have often been uprooted and separated from their origins. The rapid population growth and urbanization in the country have resulted in a disconnection from the past, compounded by the influx of new technologies and knowledge. This dissonance, whether caused by physical displacement, the loss of ancestral wisdom, or the rural-urban divide, has led to layers of erasure fading from memory. The project centers around the themes of temporality, erasure, and memory, aiming to shed light on the concepts of grief and loss. Rather than seeking to reverse erasure or preserve the past as a relic, the exhibition aims to generate active engagement that reintegrates it into the present and future. It explores various interactive artistic styles, including painting, graphic work, sculptural installations, and performance. The exhibition’s curatorial process involves workshop-style collaborations, where artists reflect on specific texts or case studies exploring erasure, memory, and trauma. Interventions within the exhibition space are proposed based on these discussions. Additionally, the discussions/workshops can be replicated during the exhibition period, serving as workshops or performances to encourage further engagement and participation.