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Time, Research Methods and Funding

Flowe, Heather, Rockowitz, S., Rockey, J., Kanja, W., Kamau, C., Colloff, M., Kauldhar, J., Woodhams, J., & Davies, Kari. (2020, July 28). Policy Brief: Patterns of violence and its impact on women and girls amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic in Kenya

This policy brief summarizes findings from a research report on the impact of COVID-19 on sexual and gender-based violence in Kenya. It recommends providing safe venues for children during school closures, incorporating SGBV services in emergency plans, and investing in real-time data collection and analysis to improve support and identify patterns of violence.


Dajani, R. (2023). Policy Brief: From Readers to Changemakers. Childhood Education, 99(2), 14-23.

This policy brief discusses the We Love Reading Program’s impact on women and children. It highlights the role of women as agents of change through read-aloud sessions and explores the program’s potential implications, offering recommendations for policymakers and practitioners.