Papers and Books

Welcome to our “Books and Papers” section. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of academic contributions that reflect the diverse, global, and interdisciplinary nature of the RightsforTime network. These works delve into vital topics such as gender-based violence, refugee crises, and international human rights, among others. From in-depth regional studies to broader network-wide outputs, these publications collectively form a rich knowledge hub aimed at fostering understanding and inspiring action. Explore and engage with our wealth of research in your own time.

Hadfield, K., Al-Hamad, M., Bakhti, R. et al. (2022) Predictors of Literacy and Attitudes Toward Reading Among Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan. International Journal of Early Childhood.

Abdullah, M. (2021) How Does the Refugee Crisis Enter Language? We Love Reading.

Rockowitz, S., Wagner, K., Cooper, R., et al. (2023) A Systematic Review of Criminal Justice Initiatives to Strengthen the Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Sexual Violence in East Africa. Trauma, Violence and Abuse

Ji Z (2022) Reflections on Increasing the Value of Data on Sexual Violence Incidents against Children to Better Prevent and Respond to Sexual Offending in Kenya in Societies

Rockowitz, S, Flowe, H & Bradbury-Jones, C (2022) A Scoping Review on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Medicolegal Service Provision in East Africa. Trauma, Violence and Abuse.

Stevens L (2022) The Kenyan Survivors of Sexual Violence Network: Preserving Memory Evidence with a Bespoke Mobile Application to Increase Access to Vital Services and Justice in Societies

Rockowitz, S., Stevens, L. M., Rockey, et al. (2021) Patterns of Sexual Violence Against Adults and Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kenya: A prospective cross-sectional study. BMJ-Open.

Rockowitz S (2021) Post-rape medicolegal service provision and policy in East Africa: a scoping review protocol. Systematic Reviews.

Stevens L (2021) Children's Vulnerability to Sexual Violence during COVID-19 in Kenya: Recommendations for the Future

Flowe, Heather, Rockowitz, S., Rockey, J., Kanja, W., Kamau, C., Colloff, M., Kauldhar, J., Woodhams, J., & Davies, Kari. (2020, July 28). Sexual and other forms of violence during the Covid-19 pandemic emergency in Kenya: Patterns of violence and impacts on women and girls. Zenodo. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.3964124

Other Network Outputs:
McNeilly, K & Warwick, BTC (eds) 2022, The Times and Temporalities of International Human Rights. Human Rights Law in Perspective, 1st edn, Bloomsbury Publishing.
Gordon R (2022) Government responses to gender-based violence during COVID-19. in Frontiers in global women's health

Phillimore J (2022) Forced Migration, Sexual and Gender-based Violence and Integration: Effects, Risks and Protective Factors in Journal of International Migration and Integration

Wagner K (2022) Born between war and peace: Situating peacekeeper-fathered children in research on children born of war in Frontiers in Political Science

Dajani, R, Flowe, H & Warwick, BTC 2021, 'Social and political justice hit by UK aid cuts', Nature, vol. 592, no. 7854, pp. 353-353

Kauldhar, J. (2021) Compendium of Online Research Methods