Living Archive

Living Archive Welcome to the “Living Archive,” a vibrant and dynamic section of our website designed to breathe life into the research efforts of the RightsforTime research network. Our aim is to create an evolving digital space that captures, preserves, and showcases the intricate tapestry of work our network undertakes. Here, we bring together our groundbreaking research on the profound connections between time, violence, and protection from across diverse fields and geographical locations. The Living Archive serves to illuminate the global scale and multifaceted nature of our research endeavors, encompassing a vast range of subjects from the effects of displacement on marginalized communities, trauma and its temporal dimensions, to the erasure and reclaiming of cultural memory and heritage. In addition, the Living Archive underscores the richness of methodologies employed in our research, including artistic expressions, empirical investigations, theoretical explorations, and policy-oriented studies, all centered around time’s transformative role in humanitarian protection. The Living Archive is a testament to our network’s commitment to fostering understanding, dialogue, and policy change. It’s a space that not only records our achievements but also actively contributes to the ongoing discourse, allowing researchers, practitioners, and the general public to interact with our work and its crucial

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