Dr Ben Warwick


University of Birmingham

Dr Ben Warwick’s research explores how economic factors affect human rights (and especially socio-economic rights). He is interested in the ways that laws and the institutions that enforce them change under such pressures. He is a specialist in international human rights, the United Nations human rights bodies, and human rights in various crisis contexts.

His research is frequently used by governmental and non-governmental bodies nationally and internationally, and has been prominently reported in national print and news media. His research has been influential in two new international agreements between the UK and Ireland, a provision in the draft EU Withdrawal Agreement, and four new pieces of statutory law (in the UK, Ireland, and Scotland). He has been awarded funds by GCRF, AHRC, ESRC, SLSA, and the Irish Equality and Human Rights Commission totalling over £2.6m. He is currently Co-Investigator on Rights for Time, a £2.13m Global Challenges Network+ grant.

Ben is a subject matter Assessor for the Quality Assurance Agency, is on the European Parliament’s list of legal experts, is an Associate of the Oxford Human Rights Hub, has been a consultant to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Irish Equality and Human Rights Commission, has advised officials and politicians across the political spectrum in the UK and Ireland, and has engaged with diplomatic missions from a number of nations.