Dr Kirstin Wagner

Research FellowUniversity of Birminghamurl: Dr Kirstin Wagner Research Fellow University of Birmingham Kirstin Wagner is a research fellow in psychology at the University of Birmingham, where she works with the Rights4Time research network to improve knowledge of humanitarian protection challenges in complex environments. She has worked on multiple projects related to sexual violence, predominantly […]

Dr Ben Warwick

Co-InvestigatorUniversity of Birmingham Dr Ben Warwick Co-Investigator University of Birmingham Dr Ben Warwick’s research explores how economic factors affect human rights (and especially socio-economic rights). He is interested in the ways that laws and the institutions that enforce them change under such pressures. He is a specialist in international human rights, the United Nations […]

Prof Jenny Phillimore

Prof Jenny Phillimore Co-Investigator University of Birmingham Jenny Phillimore is Professor of Migration and Superdiversity. She is a world leading scholar in refugee integration, superdiversity and access to social welfare with a particular focus on public health.  Jenny is also an expert on Community Sponsorship. She managers teams of researchers focusing on access to health, […]

Prof Lyndsey Stonebridge

Prof Lyndsey Stonebridge Co-Investigator University of Birmingham Professor Lyndsey Stonebridge’s work focuses on twentieth-century and contemporary literature, political theory, and history, Human Rights, and Refugee Studies, drawing on the interdisciplinary connections between literature, history, politics, law, and social policy. Her early work was concerned with the effects of modern violence on the mind in the […]

Dr Nora Parr

Co-InvestigatorUniversity of Birminghamurl: Nora Parr 1 week ago RT @Farrah_Nazir: Exciting job going @wellcometrust Mental Health Team: ✨Lived Experience Lead✨ £67+k Working with the delightful @ThatKa… Read More Nora Parr 1 week ago RT @ContempLevant: CBRL grants for scholars at all levels based in the Levant or UK, deadline 10th March: Read More Nora […]

Dr Zoe Norridge

Dr Zoe Norridge Co-Investigator King’s College London Dr Zoe Norridge joined King’s College London in September 2012.  Prior to King’s she was a Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Director of the Aftermaths Research Strand at the University of York, Department of English and Related Literature. She has a BA and MPhil in Modern Languages […]

Prof Heather Flowe

Prof Heather Flowe Chief Investigator University of Birmingham Professor Heather Flowe’s research is centered on understanding episodic memory, particularly witness memory retrieval processes, using both experimental and applied approaches. She develops memory enhancing, broad reach, low-cost procedures that are integrated into legal systems around the world, such as VR 3D Interactive lineups. Heather is the […]

Assoc. Prof Tamirace Fakhoury

Assoc. Prof Tamirace Fakhoury Co-Investigator Aalborg University, Denmark I am an Associate Professor of Political Science and Global Refugee and Migration Studies at the Department of Politics and Society at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. I research the politics of migration and refuge in conflict-affected areas. I also look into norm contestation in international relations with […]

Prof Rana Dajani

Prof Rana Dajani Deputy Chief Investigator Taghyeer Organisation Molecular cell biology from U of Iowa, Tenured Professor at Hashemite University, Jordan, visiting professor Systems Awareness Lab, MIT, Cmalakova Fellow, Jepson school of Leadership, University of Richmond, Harvard Radcliff fellow, a Fulbrighter, Fulbright Foreign Student, 2000; Fulbright Visiting Scholar, 2012. Eisenhower fellow, former center of studies […]