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Living Archive Welcome to the “Living Archive,” a vibrant and dynamic section of our website designed to breathe life into the research efforts of the RightsforTime research network. Our aim is to create an evolving digital space that captures, preserves, and showcases the intricate tapestry of work our network undertakes. Here, we bring together our […]


Patterns of sexual violence during Covid-19 in Kenya Prevalence of sexual and other forms of violence during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya


Dr Abdullah Mohammad research fellow Harvard University Abdullah M. Awad is the founding director of the Institute for Critical Thought, where he convenes seminars on Islamic and western social thought, and a visiting fellow at Harvard University, where his research traverses intellectual history, continental philosophy, and religion. He has undertaken ethnographic work in China, India, Brazil, and Egypt, […]

Lady Wangu Kanja

Lady Wangu Kanja Co-Investigator Wangu Kanja Foundation I am the Founder/ExecutiveDirector of the Wangu KanjaFoundation (WKF)and a Human Rights Defender for the last 17 years.